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Each package is designed to suit your companies goals and ambitions. Choose a package based on your budget and goals. The increased volume of inbound campaigns will equal more leads. You can build a custom package also.

If you’d like to explore which package would fit your sales and marketing strategy to increase conversions – request a custom quote?




Package 1 is perfect for startup B2B companies aimed at creating optimised marketing and sales strategies that generate an immediate return on investment. Startup companies benefit highly from this package as it installs optimsied process early which can be invested in for rapid growth.

Integrated Marketing Strategy
Quarterly Inbound Marketing Campaign
Monthly Blog Articles x 2
Social Media Community Manager
Monthly ROI Reporting Meeting
Monthly Email Marketing



Package 2 is aimed at B2B companies that need immediate accelerated growth. This package will create increases in conversions and improve sales/marketing strategy. The creation of qualified lead generation pipelines and lead nurturing is the main focus of this package.

Integrated Marketing Strategy
Quarterly Inbound Marketing Campaigns
Monthly Blog Articles x 3
Social Media Community Manager
Monthly ROI Reporting Meeting
Monthly Email Marketing


£Create Your Own

Package 3 is aimed at large B2B companies that need to build and analyze sales pipelines to match their ambitious growth strategy. This package allows for multiple qualified pipelines to be created simultaneously to match sales funnel and conversion models.

Integrated Marketing Strategy
Quarterly Inbound Marketing Campaigns x 3
Monthly Blog Articles x 8
Social Media Community Manager
Monthly ROI Reporting Meeting
Monthly Email Marketing

All packages include:

  • Landing Pages
  • SEO
  • Smart Calls to Action
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM Integration
  • Workflows
  • Monthly Reporting

Optional extras

All of our packages are designed for significant, sustainable growth, but to meet your specific needs or help you grow faster, we can add on your choice from the extra services below:

  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Sales Enablement
What type of results will I get from working with Aligned that I wont get elsewhere?

We have worked in several industries including Tech / IT / Construction / Engineering / Electrical / across B2B and B2C. What we are interested in is your sales increasing. We have a team of highly trained and experienced marketing and sales personnel who will work to increase your companies sales. Aligned can offer support and implementation on both fronts. If we are creating you a high amount of sales qualified leads for your company the strategy must be in place to make sure they must be converted. Long timeline sales funnels are also a speciality of ours from database nurturing. We feel that this emphasis on that relationship is a massive reason why Aligned is right for you.

Does Aligned require a 12-month contract?

Yes but because we create a marketing and sales strategy that takes time to implement. We have a saying at Aligned ‘never invest in poor process’. The process we create for you is something that needs time investment. We need to deliver, to implement, to analyse and nurture and above all – make you more sales. Here at Aligned we ask all clients to opt into a 12-month contract however, all clients have the option of a break out with 3 months notice.

What type of results should we expect from our campaign?

In the first month of coming on board with Aligned, we will design a unique strategy for your business. With this strategy, we will also create benchmarks and establish various measurable objectives. No two clients are the same, so results will vary by client- but all of our campaigns are built to improve a businesses success when it comes to conversions, search engine rankings, website traffic, leads, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

How does Aligned allocate service hours for my campaign?

Service hours are allocated on a monthly basis, based on your respective campaign strategies, performance and evolving needs and goals. During our initial consultation, we provide you with a recommended strategy for your business. From that recommended strategy, we also will outline the estimated campaign level that can fit those needs. During your campaign, should some of those hours/resources need to shift to underperforming areas we re-allocate your budgeted hours.

For example, on a 30 hour campaign we might forecast something that looks like:

  • 8 hours for blog creation, review and implementation
  • 3 hours for an email newsletter creation, review, implementation and tracking
  • 4 hours for reputation management
  • 8 hours for social media management
  • 2 hours for traditional media consultation/review
  • 5 hours for search engine marketing account review and updates

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