Inbound Marketing and lead generation

We created a marketing strategy to increase sales pipelines for each product FluidFlow offered to fit their ambitious growth strategy. By implementing a complete and concise inbound strategy, we began to decrease close times of Inbound Leads whilst increasing inbound leads by 400%. FluidFlow also held a valuable customer base, delivering a cutting edge product to customers all over the world; not only did we increase the size and value of the database but we nurtured each opportunity through sales funnel to conversion.


Aligned have delivered a sales and marketing strategy that has helped us increase conversions and surpass our sales goals consistently over the past 5 years. The Aligned team has always adopted an approach of generating high quality and qualified leads. This approach has shortened our close time, increased uptime of our sales teams and increased our conversions continually over this period.

Brian Ross
VP Global Sales, FluidFlow

CRM Integration

We introduced a new Hubspot CRM to maximise the highly increased value of FluidFlow’s customer data bases and also their enriched sales pipelines. This connected the sales to marketing outputs of FluidFlow, optimising resources and created rich return on investments. By implementing the new CRM; we could work closely with Fluidflow when nurturing the sales pipeline with targeted marketing and helping FluidFlow advance leads to conversions.