Brand Identity

The Rough family wanted to create a legacy that will span their family’s generations therefore the brand combines a subtle nod to heritage with a playful personality. The hand and wheat icon represents the hand crafted nature of the product but also acts as a mark of the strength and bond of their family and their loyal customers.

Brand Story

After uncovering Rough Brother’s vision of becoming a name in brewing that everyone will love, we were able to create a story and build a message around their mission. The strap line ‘Beer For Beer Lovers’ helps capture the essence of the brand - creating a simple promise of quality, great tasting beer.

Packaging Design

As a newcomer in the industry we wanted the brand to be prominent on the label. By combining a sense of heritage and playfulness we were able to explore a packaging system that represents both the handmade nature of the beer and the welcoming personality of the brand and it’s founders.


From an initial sketch on a sheet of paper to an identity and message that really communicates who we are as a company, Aligned have played a huge part in getting our beer to market and helping us secure a place in a number of local restaurants and off licenses.

Andrew Rough